Dienstag, 17. Mai 2011

SCBWI international newsletter - excerpt

Constanze von Kitzing (SCBWI Germany) - Constanze had two children's books published in 2010: DORMEZ-VOUS? (La joie de lire; Les Versatiles edition) and C'EST MOI LE MEILLEUR! (Joie de lire; Les Versatiles edition). 

An SCBWI member since 2007, Constanze is also the author/illustrator of CACHE-CACHE (Joie de lire; Les Versatiles edition, 2009) and PINGOUIN GLACE (La joie de lire). She is an award-winning, German based illustrator and author. She has a wide variety of clients in the illustration industry, including publishing houses, magazines, newspapers, and design companies. 

Constanze's work has been published and exhibited in Germany, the USA, Korea, the UK, Cyprus, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, China, the Netherlands, and Spain. In 2010 her illustrations have been selected for the Illustrator's Exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair (Italy) and for the cj Book exhibition (Korea). 

Here's just one of Constanze's lovely illustrations. Do you see that tiny red-roofed house beside the little boy's right boot?

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